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Photo by Chenoah Lee

Welcome to Little Raven Flutes, where we are dedicated to hand crafting great flutes and passing on the knowledge of this beautiful and healing instrument in the context of the native cultures from which it comes. There are two flutemakers at Little Raven Flutes, Jeremy Baer and Chenoah Lee.

Many Little Raven flutes are built exclusively with hand tools in a traditional way. We don't feel that there is anything wrong with using power tools to build flutes, and do it from time to time ourselves. It has just always felt good to connect with the wood through working it by hand in the process of building. It's also nice that you don't have to be in the workshop to work on a flute. One can sit in front of the fire in winter or outside under the trees in summer, and carry all the tools needed in a small backpack.

We also offer flutemaking workshops. You will have a very special connection to the flute that you have carved with your own hands. We teach flutemaking with hand tools and you don't need any previous woodworking or carving experience to build a flute with us.

For those that are curious, Jeremy is of Cherokee (Aniyunwya) descent, though not an enrolled tribal member. Chenoah is an enrolled member of the Lower Brule band of Lakota.

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