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Hand carved custom flutes
Work with flutemakers Jeremy Baer and Chenoah Lee to design a custom flute with your choice of woods, block design, inlay, etc., in any key from bass F to ultra-high C. Do you have a piece of wood or branch that has particular meaning to you? We can probably make a flute out of it!
  • Specializing in traditional hand carving
  • Wood flutes in both split and solid bore designs
  • Branch, root, and driftwood flutes
  • Bamboo or river cane flutes
  • Elderberry flutes
  • Drone, double, triple, and quad flutes
  • Custom tunings
  • Special projects and unusual materials welcomed
Prices depend on the type and size of flute, choice of woods and complexity of additional options such as decorative carvings and inlay, but can start as low as $300. View the flute gallery for inspiration and contact us to turn your vision into a flute.

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