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Flutemaking Workshops
Learn to make your own hand-carved flute with flutemaker Jeremy Baer. You will carve your flute completely from scratch using only hand tools in this 2-3 day experience. In this workshop, you will build a mid-key flute (mid Fm - Am) in cedar using split-bore construction. No flutebuilding or woodworking experience necessary. All tools and materials are provided. You will leave with a high quality, in-tune flute that you had the experience of building yourself. Words from past workshop participants.

Contact us to discuss setting up your personal or group flute building experience. Please tell us a bit about yourself and why you want to build your own flute.

Standard Pricing
One-on-one flutemaking experience - $500 (allows your choice of several soft woods)

Group rates:
2 people - $375 per person
3 - 4 people - $350 per person
5 - 10 people - $300 per person

To encourage the development of flutemaking within in the native community, workshops are available to enrolled tribal members on a sliding scale.

Workshops also available to build flutes from elderberry, driftwood, and fallen branches.

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